Meet the Coach

Input, Strategic, Restorative, Relater, Learner

Meet the Coaches

Alison L. Mc Gordon, LMSW

I have been working as a certified coaching professional since 2018. I specialize in helping women identify their passions and challenges preventing them from living a whole hearted life.

Together I work with my clients to achieve their goals by creating a plan of action that will help overcome barriers to their success. As a result, I have helped a number of women create lives that honor their true passions and allow them to live more fully.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients. I am very happy to connect with you, and look forwarding to meeting in a consultation today!

Trusted Coaching Professionals

Each of our coaching staff has identified they have a heart and passion for contributing to the success of our sisters by assisting you in getting back to the women who is waiting inside you!

Coaches are required to have educational and specialized training, as well as specific experience in working in coaching, mentoring, counseling, and advising roles in their profession.

Each coach is committed to personal development and participates in
opportunities to continuously expand their skill set to implement best practices to our SHE is Waiting client community.